Summary of Safety Measures at Stockmann during COVID-19

We at Stockmann want to act responsibly and ensure a safe environment for our personnel and customers. We have carried out the following actions to guarantee safety.

We care about the safety of our personnel and customers and have carried out the following actions during the pandemic:

During last spring our company started an internal COVID-19 work group, which actively follows the developments of the pandemic and updates, as well as communicates current safety guidelines and recommendations within Stockmann.

We have instructed our personnel to maintain extraordinarily good hand hygiene, to keep appropriate safety distances, to wear face masks and to mind other safety measures (i.e. to disinfect the surfaces and keys on cash registers regularly).

We recommend that our customers and service personnel wear face masks.

We subsidize the use of face masks by offering our personnel cloth face masks to be worn during work hours and the daily commute (safety visors and disposable masks are also available, if cloth masks cannot be worn).

We have installed protective plexiglass shields at each cash register in all of our department stores.

We have improved cleanliness in our premises (enhanced cleaning of surfaces and toilets) and have added instructions to customer and personnel toilets to ensure good hand hygiene.

We have ensured that the personnel can maintain appropriate safety distances even during their breaks by reducing and dispersing the furniture in break rooms. We recommend that our personnel pay attention to safety distances, proper hand hygiene and if possible, to even wear masks during their breaks.

We have installed dispensers with hand sanitizer at the central entrances in all of our department stores. In addition to that, all of our cash points offer hand sanitizer for customers and personnel. These dispensers are actively monitored and refilled.

Safety guides (signs, stickers, audio announcements) on proper hand hygiene, safety distances and mask recommendations have regularly been updated as the pandemic has progressed. Signs can be found by the entrances and adjacent to elevators and escalators.

Passage of customers and appropriate safety distances are also communicated with the help of floor decals.

We communicate to our customers that we wish for them to prefer card payments due to safety concerns.

We have instructed our personnel in the beauty department to exercise care in handling cosmetic samples. We offer virtual beauty services.

We have compiled an extensive Q&A on COVID-19 for our personnel and update it continuously.

We carry out a weekly inspection on compliance with safety matters according to a separate listing in all of our department stores.