Data Security


Stockmann guarantees security while you shop in the online store.

We treat the customer data you enter when making an order with absolute confidentiality and never disclose them to outsiders.

The connection between Stockmann and your computer is protected with SSL/TLS encryption. The SSL/TLS encryption protocols protect data communications by providing a private connection that prevents outsiders from viewing or changing your confidential data. SSL/TLS encryption is used by Finnish online banking platforms and other online services that require a secure connection.

When you pay with a credit card in the online store, we use the Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode authentication systems to ensure that your payment transaction is secure. For your security, we also never store your credit or debit card number at any stage in order to prevent anyone from misusing your data at a later date.

For data security reasons, our online store never shows your full Stockmann card number and other such data automatically, but instead a part of the number will be replaced by asterisks (*).



The website uses cookies to allow us to provide the best possible service to our customers. When you visit our website, we may install cookies on your browser that are essential for the operation of our online store. Cookies collect data that we use for statistical purposes, such as monitoring visitor traffic on our website and providing targeted advertising through the services of third parties. Examples of such services include Google Analytics and Facebook.

Cookies are commonly used in online stores and other online services. They are small files for storing authentication information that are transferred from a website’s server to the visitor’s computer. We use cookies to enable visitors to move from one service to another on our website during the same session. The visitor cannot see that cookies are being used and they do not affect the visitor’s computer.

We also use cookies to monitor visitor traffic in our online store so that we can improve our services. When monitoring visitor traffic in Stockmann’s online services, we analyse such details as the pages that visitors land on and the pages they leave from, as well as the product pages and other pages they use for making a purchase.

In general, the use of cookies makes it easier for our customers to use the online store and, for example, to log in to the store. In addition, the use of cookies enables various combined data to be created on the customers of our online store.

The data collected with cookies is anonymous but it can be attributed to personal data received from the user and used for providing targeted advertising (including retargeting). Retargeting means that you may be shown products you recently browsed in our online store or other similar products in advertisements on other websites.

The use of cookies is safe, as they do not harm visitors’ computers or files. You can also disable cookies in the settings of your internet browser. However, if you have cookies switched off, you may not be able to get the best experience when browsing our website. We always recommend allowing cookies in the online store to guarantee the best shopping experience.

When monitoring visitor traffic, we use partners who analyse data on our behalf, helping us understand how our website needs to be developed. The data used in monitoring visitor traffic is anonymous. We never disclose to our partners any personal data you submit when registering or placing an order.

You should also clear the browser cache once you finish your session, especially if you used a computer that is in shared use. This can be done through the internet settings on the browser.

If you have any questions about how our online store works, please contact our customer service ».



The website uses Google Analytics, which is an analysis tool of Google Inc. Google Analytics uses cookies, which are text files, to enhance the analysis of how the site is used. Google sends and saves data on your use of the website, including your IP address, that are generated by cookies to its servers in various countries. The data may be processed in a country other than your country of residence. The data are used to analyse visitors’ browsing, to prepare reports on activity on the website, to target advertising, and to offer services that relate to the use of the website and the internet.

Google may also transmit the data to a third party if this is required by legislation or if the third party processes data on behalf of Google. Your IP address will not be linked to your other data that Google may possess. You can block cookies in the settings of your web browser. Please note that some functions of the website may not work when cookies are blocked.

By using this website you accept that Google processes your data as explained on this page and in accordance with Google’s data protection policy.
This is how Google uses collected data »



We use the Facebook Website Custom Audiences tool on our website. When you visit our website, a remarketing code is created between your browser and Facebook’s server. This code will inform Facebook that a visit was made to our online store from your IP address. Facebook matches your visit to our website to your account, enabling us to use this data for advertising on Facebook. Stockmann does not have access to data concerning the online behaviour of any individual person.

You can find more information on how Facebook collects and uses your information on your rights and on ways you can protect your privacy in Facebook’s Data Policy.

You may also block Facebook Custom Audiences from your account by going to your ad preferences on Facebook.



We collect data on the use of our pages because we wish to offer the best possible user experience. Using analytics based on user data, we are able to create suitable groups to which we target content that appeals to them as much as possible. This kind of targeted content can consist of such things as interesting advertisements or other communications.

We may also target our advertising through the services of other publishers of content. A user may, for instance, be shown Stockmann’s advertisements on other websites. We never disclose data on target groups or other customer data in our possession to other publishers. Our advertising shown on external services is also created solely for Stockmann’s own purposes.

We may also create target groups with our partners using visitor data collected from external websites. In such cases, we always make sure that our partner has the right to disclose data on its visitors to Stockmann.

We may match data concerning the use of services and web pages that are linked to a browser with our customers only when a visitor logs into Stockmann’s online store with his or her user ID. If a user logs into our online store with different devices, such as a smartphone and desktop computer, we are able to match the different visits to the same customer. The matching of data and the processing of customer data takes place only within Stockmann’s organisation.