Information Security


Stockmann takes care of your security while you are shopping online.

The customer information you provide in connection with your order is strictly confidential and we do not disclose it to third parties.

The connection between Stockmann and the customer’s computer is secured by using SSL/TLS protocols. The SSL / TLS security policy protects communications so that an outside observer cannot monitor your connection to see or change your confidential information. SSL / TLS protocols rely on e.g. Finnish online banks, as well as other online services that require secure connections.

When paying by credit card in the Stockmann online store, we use Verified by Visa and Mastercard SecureCode authentication systems to ensure the security of your payment transaction. For your security, we also do not store your debit card number at any time. This way, no one will be able to misuse your information later on.


Use of cookies

Stockmann’s website uses cookies so that we can serve our customers as well as possible. When you visit our website, we may install our own necessary cookies on your browser, which are required for the operation of the online store. Cookies collect information that we use for statistical purposes, such as tracking traffic and targeted advertising on third-party services. The use of cookies is not visible to the visitor during the session and does not strain the visitor’s computer.

When you visit our website, you can either allow all cookies, select the options you want or disable non-essential cookies. Necessary cookies must always be accepted.


– Accept all cookies

By accepting all cookies, you authorize Stockmann to use cookies for collection of information, which is for example used to track visitors and targeted advertising.


– Marketing

With the help of user data analytics, we have the opportunity to create suitable target groups to whom we target the most interesting content. Such targeted content may for example be advertising or other communication of interest to the visitor.

With the help of target groups we can also target our advertising in the servies other publishers. For example, a user may see Stockmann’s advertising on other websites. We do not disclose our target group or other customer information to other publishers and advertising on external services is also only used for Stockmann’s own purposes.

We may also target audiences with our partners from visitor data collected from external sites. In these cases, we always ensure that the partner has the right to disclose their visitor data to Stockmann


Monitoring and targeting advertising effectiveness (including remarketing).

Read more about how Google uses the information we collect and how you can change your settings for targeted advertising:


We use Facebook’s Website Custom Audiences tool on When you visit our website, a remarketing code is generated between your browser and the Facebook server, which informs Facebook that your IP address has visited our online store. Facebook may associate your visit to our site with your user account, and we may use the information we obtain in this manner in our Facebook advertising. Stockmann does not have access to the information concerning an individual’s behavior.

For more information on how Facebook collects and uses your information, your own rights, and the ability to protect your privacy, see the Facebook Privacy Statement.

If you wish, you can disable the use of the Facebook Custom Audiences tool in your Facebook ad settings.


Retargeting means that you may see products you have recently viewed in our online store or other related products in advertisements on other websites as well.

To learn more about how Criteo uses the information we collect and how you can change your settings for targeted advertising:

Salesforce Audience Studio (DMP)

The Data Management Platform (DMP) allows us to create different audiences based on different data sources, such as website visitor data and customer information system (CRM) data. The goal is to target visitors with the most relevant and interesting content. Targeted content can appear to the visitor as interesting content in an online store or as advertising content in various media.

Learn more about how to manage opt-out choices:


– Preferences

Preference cookies allow a site to store information that changes the behavior and appearance of the site, such as language choices or user locations.


– Statistics

Statistical cookies help site owners understand how users interact with sites by collecting and reporting data anonymously. Cookies collect information that we use for statistical purposes, such as tracking traffic and targeted advertising in third-party services. Examples of these services are Google Analytics and Facebook.


– Necessary

Necessary cookies help make the website usable by allowing basic functions such as navigating the page and using protected areas of the site. The website will not work properly without these cookies.


Customer safety instructions

You can create a personal username and password in the Stockmann online store. You are solely responsible for keeping your password safe, so that it cannot be accessed by anyone.

If you’re shopping on a shared computer, don’t store your ID and password in your browser’s memory. It is a good idea to clear your browser’s cache after use. Also, be sure to sign out and close your browser when you stop using the Internet. This ensures that the next user will not be able to view the pages you are browsing.