Terms of Agreement




These terms and conditions of agreement apply to Stockmann’s online stores  stockmann.com, crazydays.com and hullutpaivat.com, the operations of which are the responsibility of Lindex Group plc (“Stockmann”), Aleksanterinkatu 52, FI-00100 Helsinki, business identity code: 0114162-2.

By using the Stockmann online store, you accept these terms and conditions and undertake to comply with them.

Stockmann does not guarantee uninterrupted or error-free operation of the online store, and the service may experience interruptions due to, for example, the servicing and maintenance of equipment. Stockmann is not liable for any damage incurred from the use of the online store unless provided otherwise in mandatory legislation.

Stockmann has the right to amend these terms and conditions of agreement by publishing the updated terms and conditions on the website of the online store. Please read the currently valid terms and conditions before placing an order.

To place an order in the online store, you must comply with the terms and conditions of the online store, fulfil the requirements set forth in them and provide full and truthful information about yourself. If any of your personal data is incorrect, you must correct it without delay. Stockmann is not liable if you do not receive your order or an order or delivery confirmation or other documents due to incorrect information.

Your personal data will be stored in a customer register maintained by Stockmann.  You can find more detailed information about the processing and use of personal data in the Privacy Policy for Stockmann’s customer data and its Data Security pages.



The content of the online store (including any images, texts, product information, trademarks, videos, logos and charts and tables) is property that is protected by the copyrights and other intellectual property rights of Stockmann and/or its partners, and the unauthorised use or copying of this property is strictly prohibited. Any disputes arising over intellectual property rights shall be subject to Finnish law.



SSL Certificate »

We want to make shopping in the online store as secure as possible. The customer data collected in the online store (at the time of ordering or when registering) is transferred to Stockmann through an encrypted web connection (SSL encryption). The information about the online store’s SSL certificate and its validity can be checked by clicking on the link below the DigiCert icon above.

The certificate is issued by DigiCert as proof of a safe website that encrypts all data transmission between the customer and the online service.



Stockmann online store uses cookies. A cookie is a small text file sent from the online store and stored on the user’s computer by the user’s web browser while the user is browsing, enabling the monitoring of visitors to the online store.

In general, the use of cookies makes it easier to use the online store and, for example, to log in to the store. In addition, the use of cookies enables various combined data to be created on the customers of the online store.

The data collected with cookies is anonymous but it can be attributed to personal data received from the user and used for providing targeted advertising. Targeted advertising means that, for example, you may be shown products you recently browsed in the Stockmann online store or other similar products in advertisements on other websites.

The use of cookies is safe and they do not harm the computers or files of visitors. If you wish, you can block cookies in the settings of the web browser you are using. Turning cookies off, however, may prevent the online store from functioning properly. We always recommend allowing cookies in the Stockmann online store to guarantee the best shopping experience.

The Stockmann online store uses Google Analytics, which is an analysis tool of Google Inc. Google Analytics uses cookies, which are text files, to enhance the analysis of how the Stockmann online store site is used. Google sends and saves data on your use of the website, including your IP address, that are generated by cookies to its servers in various countries. The data may be processed in a country other than your country of residence. The data is used to analyse the user’s browsing, to prepare reports on activity on the website, and to offer services that relate to the use of the website and the internet.

Google may also transmit the data to a third party if this is required by legislation or if the third party processes data on behalf of Google. Your IP address will not be linked to your other data that Google may possess. You can block cookies in the settings of your web browser. Please note that some functions of the website may not work when cookies are blocked.

By using this website you accept that Google processes your data as explained on this page and in accordance with Google’s data protection policy.
This is how Google uses collected data »


Payment Service Provider

Paytrail Plc acts as a collecting payment service provider and is an authorized Payment Institution. Paytrail Plc will be shown as the recipient on your bank or credit card statement. Paytrail Plc will forward the payment to the merchant. For reclamations, please contact the website the payment was made to.

Paytrail Plc, Business ID 2122839-7
Innova 2, Lutakonaukio 7, 40100 Jyväskylä



You can order products without registering. When placing an order, you must provide at least all the information required for placing an order. If you are a Loyal Customer of Stockmann, you can provide the number of your Loyal Customer card when placing your order. The availability and estimated delivery time of a product is provided when an order is placed. Once you have received a product, you have 7 days to report any visible damage from shipping; such reports made after this period will not be accepted.

You can review your products and make a purchase decision within 30 days (right of cancellation as referred to in the Consumer Protection Act). In the case of sealed products, the right to exchange or return them applies only to unopened packages. Sealed products include cosmetics, for example. The returned product must be in a saleable condition. The original sales package must not have sustained any damage and it must be clean.

You approve your order by proceeding to the payment stage in the shopping basket. After this you can no longer change your order in the online store. If you wish to cancel or change your order after this stage, please contact Stockmann’s customer service.

We will send you an electronic acknowledgment of receipt on which you can check the details of your order. We recommend storing the acknowledgment of receipt for any later needs.



Products sold in the Crazy Days campaigns may not be ordered or reserved by phone or email. You cannot enquire about the availability of these products by phone or email either. This applies to both the online store and the department stores.

Some of the campaign products are subject to purchase restrictions.

The Crazy Days campaign products are delivered separately in Crazy Days packages.

Orders for Crazy Days campaign products cannot be picked up at the department stores.

During the Crazy Days campaigns, the gift wrapping service is not available.



The payment methods accepted in the online store vary depending on the country.

More information about payment methods »

Estonia, Latvia and Finland:

The payment cards accepted as payment methods are Stockmann Mastercard, Mastercard, Visa, VisaElectron and American Express. You can pay with either debit or credit, according to the terms and conditions of your payment card.

You can also pay
– using the online banking services of various banks

Finland only:

You can also pay
– using the online banking services of various banks
– using an invoice, either in a single payment or in instalments
– using a MobilePay payment.

When you pay by invoice you accept Collector’s general terms and conditions for invoices, overdraft facilities and payment in instalmentsStandard European Consumer Credit Information, and you confirm that you have read about Collector’s processing of personal data.



Persons under the age of 15 may not make purchases in the online store. Persons under the age of 18 may pay for their purchases only with an online payment.



If a product you have ordered is unavailable, Stockmann will contact you. If necessary, Stockmann has the right to cancel the transaction. In certain situations an ordered product may not be available at our warehouse. If the product is unavailable we will inform the customer by email. The customer will be reimbursed for the unavailable product according to the payment method used for the order.

If demand for a certain product exceeds the number of available products, Stockmann has the right to limit the quantity that can be ordered so that as many people as possible who are interested in the product may buy it from the online store. Stockmann will contact you if the quantity you have ordered cannot be delivered for such a reason. Please note that products placed in the online store’s shopping basket are not reserved until the order has been paid for.



Stockmann’s online stores deliver products in Estonia and Latvia (shop.stockmann.com, crazydays.com) and Finland (stockmann.com, hullutpaivat.com). There are country-specific differences in the delivery methods.

Estonia, Latvia and Finland:

The products you order are delivered to the business location or parcel collection point of your chosen delivery company. The delivery expenses are paid for together with the products.

The delivery expenses will be shown when placing each order. Separate orders cannot be combined later on. Delivery expenses will be added to each order even if the orders are made on the same day.

Delivery methods and expenses »

Finland only:

Home delivery

You can also order home delivery. If you choose home delivery, please provide a telephone number in connection with your order with which Posti can contact you to agree on the time of delivery. Delivery takes place from Monday to Friday, between 9 am and 9 pm in urban areas, and generally between 9 am and 2 pm elsewhere across Finland. Home delivery is available only for addresses in Finland (excluding the Åland Islands) with a fixed road connection.


Certain products that are large or intended for outdoor use are delivered as freight deliveries, which are subject to certain exceptions: your order will be delivered directly from the goods supplier and the delivery and related notifications are the responsibility of the goods supplier.



Once an order has been submitted, it is transferred to our logistics centre for processing. If an order contains several products, Stockmann will aim to deliver the products in stock in the same delivery batch. Exceptions to this are large home-delivered products (over 35 kg, sold only in Finland), which are shipped separately. If a product is temporarily out of stock or it has a nonstandard delivery time, it will be shipped afterwards separately. Information on the product’s estimated delivery time is also shown on the product page in the online store.

The delivery time for orders made in the online store is about 3–7 working days. During the Crazy Days campaign, the delivery time for orders made in the online store is about 1–10 working days.

We will deliver your order in the manner you have selected. We will contact you when your order is available for pick-up or the time for home delivery can be agreed on.



It is very important to Stockmann that you are satisfied with your order. You have 30 days to familiarise yourself with your products and make your purchase decision.

Returning the product is free of charge and you do not need to inform us of the return in advance.

There are country-specific differences in returning orders. Read our separate instructions on returns here. The instructions on returns page also has information on the return of your payment.


As Crazy Days is a campaign with a short duration and its products can only be purchased during the campaign, it is not possible to exchange a Crazy Days product with another Crazy Days product after the campaign. If you wish to exchange a Crazy Days product you have ordered for another product in Stockmann’s normal selection, please return it in accordance with the instructions below and place a new order at stockmann.com (deliveries made in Finland only).

Returns »



If a product received is damaged or the product is wrong, Stockmann will strive to exchange it for a new one or the right product if it is still available. Otherwise the transaction will be cancelled and the price paid by the customer will be refunded.

If a product is covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, this will be stated in the product information. The warranty does not limit the seller’s liability as referred to in the Consumer Protection Act. The packing list included with an order serves as a warranty certificate. The warranty is subject to the warranty terms and conditions sent with the product, which may include certain limitations.

During the warranty period, Stockmann may only be released from liability during the warranty period if it can demonstrate that the fault or damage in the product was caused by an accident, incorrect handling of the product or any other factor for which the customer is liable. If the fault in a product is caused by any of the aforementioned factors or if the reported fault cannot be detected in the product at all, Stockmann will have the right to charge you a maintenance inspection fee.

The customer must inform Stockmann of a fault within a reasonable period of having detected it. However, customers may always report a fault within two months of having detected the fault.



Stockmann sends its registered customers both marketing messages and customer service messages to their email addresses and mobile phones. Electronic direct marketing messages are only sent to customers who have explicitly allowed this in advance. Customer service messages are related to customer orders made in the Stockmann or Crazy Days online store and to deliveries made from the store. We will send you electronic messages related to customer service and orders even if you have not allowed electronic direct marketing. By accepting the agreement terms and conditions of the online store and placing orders in the online store, you accept the sending of customer service messages.

You can request changes to your marketing permissions by contacting Stockmann’s customer service.


Product Review Verification

With transparency to consumers being a key mandate of the Directive, Business to Consumer (B2C) companies will need to verify that the product reviews posted on their eCommerce website are genuine reviews submitted by consumers that have purchased or used their product. B2C companies may also be required to provide the details of their verification process to consumers. As a ratings and reviews SaaS service provider, PowerReviews assists our clients in collecting reviews in the following ways:

1. We solicit reviews from consumers after they have purchased a product from our clients’ website by sending a post-purchase email (or SMS) that is based on transaction data from our clients.
2. We collect reviews from consumers that visit your website and use the “Write A Review” option on a product display page (PDP).

For more information on how PowerReviews collects product reviews from consumers, see our Review Collection Documentation.

PowerReviews Moderation Policy
PowerReviews Review Verification



These agreement terms and conditions as well as any disputes concerning agreements between the customer and Stockmann are subject to Finnish law.



Stockmann is liable for any faults in their products in accordance with Finnish law. In case of a dispute, you may refer the case for resolution by the Consumer Disputes Board. Before referring the case to the Consumer Disputes Board, however, we recommend that you contact the Consumer Advisory Services. The Consumer Disputes Board may refuse to handle the case unless the consumer has first contacted the Consumer Advisory Services.

If you wish, you may initiate the process of handling the dispute through the online dispute resolution platform (ODR forum). When presenting a case to the ODR forum you need to provide Stockmann’s email address, which is asiakaspalvelu@stockmann.com.

Website of the Consumer Advisory Services »

Website of the Consumer Disputes Board »

Website of the ODR forum »



Stockmann reserves the right to cancel an order if it involves a clear and material pricing error. This refers to a product being possibly priced incorrectly in the online store, with its price differing clearly and significantly from its normal price and to such an extent that an average consumer can be considered to have understand that it is a pricing error. Examples of clear pricing errors include a product price of 0.00 euros, a missing product price, or a product worth hundreds of euros being sold for such a low price that it can be generally considered to be erroneous.



Stockmann is not responsible for any delay or damage caused by an obstacle beyond its control that it cannot reasonably be expected to have anticipated and the consequences of which it could not reasonably have avoided. Force majeure includes industrial action, staff illnesses, import and export bans, disturbances in general telecommunications connections, power cuts and disruptions in the delivery of post or in road traffic. If a force majeure persists for more than one month, both Stockmann and the customer has the right to cancel the transaction without incurring any liability for damages or delays.