MyStockmann program terms and conditions



In these Terms and Conditions, the loyalty program refers to Stockmann’s loyalty program (MyStockmann) and loyal customers who have joined this program. The loyalty program is intended for private persons only. Stockmann’s loyal customers receive product and service benefits from Stockmann department stores and the online store, as well as Stockmann’s partners. The MyStockmann app is a mobile app that is available for download from AppStore and Google Play.

The loyalty program is free of charge.


The loyalty membership is personal. All persons aged 15 or older can join Stockmann’s loyal customer program. Applicants between the ages of 15 and 17 need the consent of their guardian. For a customer aged 15 to 17, loyalty can be applied for at department store service points together with their guardian. All new loyal customers must have a valid email address and mobile phone number. Stockmann mainly communicates matters related to loyalty by email, i.e. informing about new loyalty benefits or new features of the application. The loyal customer is responsible for keeping the email address and contact information up-to-date.

Before becoming a loyal customer, the customer must familiarise themselves with Stockmann’s information on the processing of personal data and the terms and conditions of the loyalty program.

You can join the loyal customer program through the MyStockmann app,, and websites, department store or by calling customer service. After joining, the customer receives a loyalty number, depending on the channel, either in the app, on the website, from the department store staff or by email after calling customer service.

Companies, organizations or other entities, or those making commercial or centralised purchases, are not entitled to loyalty program. Loyalty cannot be used for resale or profit gaining purposes.


You can apply for a Stockmann Mastercard credit card or Stockmann Mastercard credit/debit card via the and websites with online banking credentials by identifying yourself or at a service point in Finnish department stores, in which case the applicant must carry an identity card. The information given in the application shall be treated confidentially. The applicant for a Stockmann Mastercard card must be Stockmann’s loyal customer.

The Stockmann Mastercard can be obtained on application by an adult person who meets the creditworthiness criteria of Nordea Finance Finland Oy (Business ID 0112305-3, Aleksis Kiven katu 9, 00500 Helsinki, hereinafter referred to as “Nordea Finance”). The customer must accept the separate terms and conditions related to the Stockmann Mastercard and standard European consumer credit information. Even if the customer has a Stockmann Mastercard parallel card, the loyalty accounts on which the program points are accumulated are personal. The purchases made by the parallel card holder have no effect on the main card holder’s point accumulation and the purchases of the main card holder have no effect on the parallel card holder’s point accumulation.

If the customer has applied for a Stockmann Mastercard card, Nordea Finance will deliver the card to the customer once the credit application has been approved. If the credit application is negative, the customer will be informed of it from Nordea Finance.


In the MyStockmann program, points can be collected:

Method 1: buying in Stockmann department stores and online stores, as well as from selected partners located in Stockmann’s department stores and online store

Method 2: In other ways defined by the program, such as subscribing to a newsletter.

Points are used only to proceed with the program and cannot be used to pay. Points are personal and cannot be transferred to another person or loyal customer. Earned points do not expire if the customer has accumulated at least one point for purchases (Method 1) in the last five years (60 months). If the customer has not accumulated any points for purchases (Method 1) in the last five years (60 months), all customer points accumulated until then will expire, the points account will be reseted, and the loyalty will end in accordance with section 9.

The use of the Stockmann Mastercard card is personal. The use of a parallel card has no effect on the main cardholder’s point accumulation, and the use of the main card has no effect on the parallel card holder’s point accumulation.

Collecting points, method 1:

A purchase worth 1 euro is equivalent to 1 point when purchased from Stockmann and selected partners both in Stockmann’s online store and Stockmann’s department stores.

The point accrual includes purchases registered for a loyalty number made at Stockmann and at selected partners. List of partners where purchases accumulate points when the loyalty number is registered at the time of purchase. (guidance to online page)à

The point accrual does not include brokerage products purchased from Stockmann (including tickets and gift cards), alcohol, Veikkaus gambling or lotteries, online exclusive partners’ e-bikes, Western Union service, Veho cars or service contracts (also applies to Crazy Days car offers), purchases of Stockmann’s delivery service (export) or Chubb’s Stockmann insurances. Product returns/refunds reduce point accumulation -1 euro = -1 point.

Collecting points, mehtod 2:

For example, for the first subscription of a newsletter, the customer receives 25 extra points, 25 extra points for updating of customer profile, and 50 extra points for an approved Stockmann Mastercard application.

If you use the credit feature (Credit) of the Stockmann Mastercard card during your billing period, you will receive an additional 0.5 points for each euro spent for purchases made with the payment time and credit feature (credit). 0.5 extra points are given both for purchases made at Stockmann or outside of Stockmann. During one billing period, points can be accumulated up to within the credit limit allocated to the Stockmann Mastercard.


To earn points, the loyal customer must register their loyalty number before paying for the purchase.

The loyalty is registered in department stores either by reading the loyalty number from the MyStockmann app (mobile card QR code), the QR code found in the newsletter, or the chip/magnetic stripe of the loyalty card when paying at checkout. When paying with Apple Pay, Google Pay, or other similar mobile payment methods, you must first register a loyalty account in one of the above methods before paying for the purchase.

In Stockmann’s online store, the customer must be logged in to the online store before the time of the purchase in order for the points to register in the loyal customer’s account.

Stockmann does not retrospectively add purchases made without registration of a loyalty to the customer’s point accrual.


The customer can see the number of points they have in the MyStockmann app, the online store in their own profile page and newsletters.

For purchases made at Stockmann, points are usually logged into the loyal customer’s account the day after the purchase. For purchases made from partners in Stockmann’s department stores, points are usually logged within one week from the date of purchase.

For the use of the Stockmann Mastercard, points will log into the customer’s account at the end of the billing period based on information received from Nordea Finance


There are three zones in the program. Benefits are offered to customers according to zones and according to the customer’s purchasing behaviour and on the basis of the customer’s self-reported interests. The points entitle members to the benefits which are valid at the given time. The customer proceeds in the program after the points have been registered in to their account. Benefits may be valid for now, usable once or tied to time, place or activity. The level benefits, which are published on the website are valid for all loyal customers on specific zones. Some of the benefits of the program are only available to users of the MyStockmann app or newsletter subscribers.

An up-to-date description of the content of the programme and the current level benefits is available on Stockmann’s website.

Stockmann has the right to change the benefits of the loyalty program by providing information on the changes on its website reasonably in advance.


A loyal customer can terminate their loyalty at any time. The loyal customer has the right to terminate Stockmann’s loyalty by notifying Stockmann’s customer service by phone or in writing to Stockmann’s customer service. The loyalty ends immediately after the notification has been processed. Loyal customer can also ask the loyalty through the MyStockmann App. When terminating the loyalty through MyStockmann app the loyalty will end within 14 days. When terminating the loyalty the customer loses the benefits and points which has been collected. Before terminating loyalty membership, customer can use their benefits and points, according how it is described in section 6.

Stockmann has the right to terminate the loyalty if the loyal customer does not comply with the terms and conditions of the loyalty program.

If the customer has a Stockmann Mastercard card, the customer’s credit agreement with Nordea Financing does not automatically end at the time of termination or termination of the loyalty in accordance with section 8 or 9, but the customer must terminate the credit in writing to the credit provider Nordea Financing.


If the customer has not had registered point transactions (section 4, method 1) for five (5) years, the loyalty ends. The customer will be informed in advance of the termination. If the customer rejoins the program, the customer will start as a new loyal customer, and the old points will not be returned to the customer’s point accrual.


Stockmann may, at its sole discretion, terminate, amend, restrict, suspend or modify Stockmann’s loyalty program and its terms and conditions at any time if the change is due to:

on a significant change in production, supply, demand or similar conditions

developing or renewing contract, pricing, system or service elements

changes due to services provided by third parties

protecting or developing data protection, data security or financial security

a change in legislation or a decision of an authority that could not be taken into account when concluding the contract.

Such changes will take effect at least fourteen (14) working days after the date on which the change is announced either in the app,, by email or in a combination of these.


Stockmann is not responsible for system failures or malfunctions of the MyStockmann loyalty program or their possible consequences. Stockmann shall not be liable for any losses or damages caused by the interruption, modification, termination or other related events of the MyStockmann loyalty program.


As a rule, changes in addresses in Finland are updated automatically from the Population Register Centre.

Information on the processing of Stockmann’s personal data can be found in Stockmann’s customer register description (à guidance online).

Helsinki, 27 March 2024