Global Blue´s Downtown Refund Service

Global Blue’s Downtown Refund service in the Service Point on the 8th floor allows you to collect your tax refund straight after making a purchase, leaving you more to spend on your trip. All you need to do is follow our three step process. Look for stores displaying the Global Blue Tax Free Shopping logo, and ask the sales assistant for a Tax Free Form when you pay. Fill in the Form.

Take your completed Form to a Global Blue Downtown Refund Office to collect your cash refund. Please note, when claiming your refund you will need to show your passport together with a valid credit card* as guarantee that you will return the stamped Form to Global Blue. The limit for refunds is €750 per person.

At the point of departure present your purchases, receipts and passport at a Global Blue Refund Office or at Customs and ask them to stamp your Tax Free Form**. Finally post the stamped Tax Free Form to Global Blue in the envelope provided. Please note that if you fail to return your Tax Free Form within 21 days*** a charge of the refund amount plus a debit fee of 15% of the refund amount will be made to your card. Spend a minimum of €40 and save up to 18% of your purchase price.


* Valid for a minimum of 4 months .
**If you’re travelling within the EU, get the stamp on your Tax Free Form at the final point of departure from the EU. Your Tax Free Form(s) can only be stamped at Customs when the Refund Office is close
***Please note: if you received an early refund on your Union Pay card, please return the stamped Tax Free Form to us in 15 days instead of 21. Service available for Union Pay cards issued in mainland China only.