Export Service

International customers have the possibility to order products from Stockmann through the Export Service. We ship products both to Finland and abroad. It’s also possible to order gift cards through the Export Service.

If you are visiting any of our department stores, just let the salesperson know you want to use our Export Service. Your products will then be delivered from the sales department to the export service, where you will pay for both the products and the shipping.

You can also place orders by calling or e-mailing us. All of the products sent abroad will be insured, so in case something breaks or gets lost, it will be replaced. VAT will be deducted from shipments sent outside the EU.  The delivery price is determined based on the destination country, the shipping method and either the weight or volume of the package.

The Export Service can be found at the Service Point (Palvelupiste) of each department store.


Contact us

Customer Service: +358 (0)9 1211   |  export@stockmann.com
Weekdays: 9–21  |  Saturdays 9–19  |  Sundays 11–18

Contact us



The shipping price is based on the weight and volume of the items. The prices vary between the different destination countries so please e-mail us for a quote. Packaging and delivery from Stockmann to the carrier is included in the price. For shipments outside EU, a pro forma invoice is also included in the price.

All international shipments are insured, so an additional 1% of the total value will always be added to the product price + the shipping price to cover the insurance. Any import customs at the destination country are the receiver’s responsibility. VAT will be deducted from all shipments sent outside the EU.

Smaller packages (in general less than 30 kg) are shipped via the Finnish Post office. For larger shipments (for example furniture) we use Schenker. Express deliveries (for example, food items with a shorter shelf life) are shipped via DHL.


Additional information

Please note that individual countries may have restrictions on what items are allowed in the shipments. We do not ship any cold supply chain products as we are not able to guarantee an unbroken supply chain for the delivery.

You can check country specific information for delivery times and restrictions at http://www.posti.fi/private/help-and-support/countryinformation/. You can also e-mail us at export@stockmann.com and we will be happy to give you a price quote and answer any additional questions.


Delivery terms

For over half a century, Stockmann Export Service has been shipping products from Stockmann to for example Finns living abroad, embassies, diplomatic personnel and tourists. Our services also include helping people with international moves by delivering products bought from Stockmann straight to the forwarding agency, who will then deliver everything to the destination country. VAT will be fully deducted from products shipped outside the EU.


Accepted payment methods

Accepted payment methods are credit cards and invoices (invoices need to be pre-paid before shipment). American Express cards are not accepted.



Deliveries within Finland take approximately one week. Delivery times abroad depend on the destination country and method. For approximate delivery times see: http://www.posti.fi/private/help-and-support/countryinformation/. If the order includes several items and some of them are not available right away, we will ship the package once the entire order is ready. We do not ship alcoholic drinks, tobacco products, products that require cold chain deliveries or products that break easily or are unique and irreplaceable.


Replacements and returns

Please contact us by calling or e-mailing us if there is a problem with the delivered products and we will be more than happy to help you.