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Stockmann Christmas Fairytale

Magical Forest of Wishes

Once upon a time, where rainbows begin and where shooting stars land, there was a secret forest. The forest was so well hidden that it could not be found on maps or road signs. And there was no path to reach it on foot.


The forest was a spellbinding realm of animals and magical flowers. All over the woods, there were plants, sparkling golden insects and huge red flowers with a secret; they were the keepers of wishes. Inside the flowers, wishes turned into fairy dust, which the joy-bringer birds then gathered in their beaks and flew them off into people’s minds, fulfilling the wishes.


In this forest it was summer, even in the winter. It received its miraculous summery warmth from the closeness and friendship between people. When people hugged each other or gave each other compliments, there was a warm breeze in the woods and a new wish flower grew. As long as there was love in the world, people’s desires grew within the wish flowers.


Until one winter, new wish flowers did not grow anymore. There was less friendship in the world and the forest had started to cool down. Because the warmth had disappeared, wishes no longer came true, and therefore, people’s minds grew increasingly sad.


Shivering in the cold, the forest animals gathered to wonder what was wrong. “Why aren’t people nice to one another,” asked a little deer. “Does no one believe in miracles anymore,” wondered the owl. “Christmas will not come if people are feeling sad,” said the concerned mole.


The peacock had followed the conversation from the sidelines, but now it stepped in front of the other animals and stated in a wise voice: “If fairy dust does not grow inside the flowers anymore, we must make it ourselves. I am old and my feathers are full of magic that I no longer need myself.” So, the peacock spread its tail feathers and began to shake them. Suddenly, the whole peacock turned into glittering fairy dust, which filled the entire forest. The joy-bringer birds now got more fairy dust than ever before and immediately took off to fulfil more wishes.


The fairy dust raised people’s hopes again and soon everyone became kinder to each other. People wanted to hug each other again and so the flowers and the greenery of the magical forest returned to its former glory.


When you want your wish to come true, be sure to be kind to others. That way the joy-bringer birds will find you and grant your wishes as well. The End.