Corporate account

The Stockmann Corporate Account can be used as a means of payment in all Stockmann department stores in Finland, with the exception of some tenants/partners.

As of January 1st, 2017 the Stockmann Corporate Account is no longer accepted in the department stores of the Baltic countries (Tallinn, Riga), or in the Hobby Hall store.
As of June 1st, 2016 the following partners no longer accept Stockmann Corporate Card or Press card: Fazer 8th Floor and Fazer cafés, SOL Laundry, Café Aalto, Stockmann Q-Park, and Instrumentarium optician services.


Opening an account

Companies and corporations registered in Finland may apply for a Stockmann Corporate Account by filling out an official application form and signing it. One or several additional cards can be added to the account. By signing the application, the company accepts the terms of the account and consents to Stockmann checking the company’s credit rating.
Any changes in the information submitted (such as change of ownership, address or email addresses of persons related to the use or invoicing of the Corporate Card) must be immediately notified to the Stockmann Corporate Credit Unit: tel. +358 (0)9 121 3544,


Purchasing on account credit

The Corporate Card is a holder’s card meant solely for the corporate’s purchases, i.e. it is not addressed to any specific employee of the company; instead, any person showing the card is entitled to use the account. The identity of the person showing the card will not be verified when a purchase is made. Purchasing on an account may also occur based on an official order form, or a promissory note assigned by the customer. Please retain all certificates of purchases for verifying the invoice. If a copy of a certificate of purchase is requested from Stockmann, it will be subject to a separate charge. Goods cannot be borrowed for photo shoots with the Corporate Card. For this purpose, you will need a Stockmann Press Card.


Credit limit

Credit limits are specified on a case-by-case basis. You can temporarily or permanently increase your company credit limit by contacting Stockmann Corporate Credit Unit by e-mail at Regardless of your credit limit, your company will be held liable for any purchases made on the account (please note that the account balance may be updated with a slight delay). If you misplace your card, your liability for any purchases made using it will cease as soon as you have appropriately announced the loss of your card to the Stockmann Corporate Credit Unit.



Stockmann will send an invoice for purchases made on the account three times per month. The invoicing periods are from the 1st to the 10th, the 11th to the 20th and the 21st to the last day of each month. If the total sum of your purchases made during a period is less than EUR 50, you will be charged an invoicing fee of EUR 5. Stockmann reserves the right to revise the invoicing fee and the minimum limit under which the fee applies – if such changes are made, however, all Corporate Account customers will be notified well in advance. You must submit any claims pertaining to an invoice within 8 days of having received the invoice. The terms of payment will be specified on the invoice.


Interest and charges

The term of payment will start from the invoice date. The penalty interest shown on the invoice, 16 %, will be charged for any delayed payments.


Account discount

Your account discount based on how much you have used your account will be specified based on the purchases you have made during the past year. When calculating the discount, your purchases at all Finnish Stockmann department stores will be taken into account. You will not receive any account discount for purchases of specific goods, such as groceries, pet food, cigarettes, work or service fees, gift vouchers, magazines, small appliances, and cosmetics.
In addition to these merchandise group limitations, there may be products to which account discounts may not apply to.
No discount will be given for purchases from Hobby Hall nor will Hobby Hall purchases influence your discount based on use.


Other terms and conditions

Stockmann has the right to terminate the account, effective immediately, if you violate these account terms, if misleading information about your company that could have influenced the decision or terms was given when applying for the credit, or if you commit any other material breach of contract. In such a case, you will no longer be entitled to purchase anything on your account, and you must return all of your account cards, cut in half, to Stockmann Loyal Customer Service or by mail to the Stockmann Corporate Credit Unit.
Any disputes arising from the account agreement, charges, fees or debt collection shall be resolved by the Helsinki District Court.

Helsinki, 9 May 2016